Zii Zii Order Entry App

Free/No fee

  • Use your own smart phone or tablet.
  • Scan UPC’s and barcodes using your phone camera or a separate blue tooth scanner.
  • Downloading updates and sending orders only takes a few seconds.
  • Place your order any time you want from home or work with WIFI.
  • Item description, availability, and last purchased date are displayed.
  • Order totals displayed with your cost.
  • Order is sent with the touch of the screen.

NOTE: The Zii Zii ordering app can be used on up to 3 different devices per location without any additional cost.

Cypher Lab Touch Mobile Computer

$5 Weekly Fee

  • vScans UPC’s and shelf label barcodes 
  • Total item count and quantity are displayed before order is sent. 
  • Order confirmation is given.
  • Transmits via WIFI
  • Enables user to create and send orders at their convenience.

Bluetooth Scanner

$2 Weekly Fee

  • Small, lightweight, convenient scanner
  • Pair with your phone or tablet
  • This is a very good scanning option for Zii Zii app users.

Web Console On-line Order Entry

Free/No Fee

  • Use your computer or laptop to place orders from our website.
  • Create orders based on history or by using an order template as a guide.
  • Search our catalog and select items or key item number and quantity to enter items.
  • View past orders and invoices.
  • Set your own retail prices.

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